Sh*t, Cigarettes, and Toe Jam


Photo Credit: Unable to find original photographer to give credit. Image used across numerous websites and galleries.

Headed to the O’Hare airport for a 6am flight, and I was met with unseeable, unsmellable, and unbelievable horrors. Walking along the platform at the Addison stop on the Blue Line, I literally passed a pile of human sh*t. Like 💩… I could not turn my head fast enough. Someone, very recently, took a dump in one of the “stalls” and didn’t bother to wipe themselves. Had my train not been coming, I would of told the CTA attendant, so no one else would have to see that horror.

It turned out that missing that train would of been a much better option, because I sat down in the only empty seat only to be met with an overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke 🚬. Apparently, the transient behind me was smoking on the back of the train. He realized I noticed, but how the hell could you NOT…it’s smoky on the train and no one else seemed to notice or care, and he “kindly” put it out.

Moments later, another passenger, awaking from his nap, got my attention. He said to me that the man that was sitting in the seat before me had his socks and shoes off, and was picking toe jam out of his toes and breaking off his toe nails all in my seat. Before I responded, I threw up in my mouth 🙊 a little bit, thought about it, and said, “thanks for the heads up, but it is too late now, I’ve already been sitting in it.” I had to fight not to think about it. What’s done is done. Hopefully, my flight won’t be as gross as my CTA ride this morning.


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